More Betterer

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the menu was 17 pages long? Doesn’t it makes you wonder how they can pull off all those different dishes? At the very least, it makes me wonder where the hell are they storing all that food!

Why would they do that? Why would they offer so many choices? It certainly doesn’t make ordering any easier. Quite often, the patrons spend a crazy amount of time trying to decide what they’re going to order, going over the dozens (hundreds?) of possible options.

It’s likely that they’ve got a menu that reads like War and Peace because it’s easier to add more options than it is to make one or two things that are really worth customers driving across town to eat. Quantity, it seems, is easier than quality.

So, like that misguided restaurant owner, we keep adding things to our list. Instead of stepping out of our comfort zone and risking the chance of failure by trying to become the best at one thing, we simply tell everyone that we do it all.

Mediocre service for mediocre clients.

More is not always better.

Better is always better.

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