The Best Experience

The only lasting truth is change.

Octavia E. Butler

The market we work in is constantly changing. The businesses that can’t change with it fall by the wayside. We’ve got to keep up with the times or we risk becoming yesterday’s news.

We’re now living in what some people call the Experience Economy. Simply stated, this means that the experience had by our customers will determine their level of satisfaction, and therefore the value of our business.

In today’s always on, fully connected, digital, in the palm of our hand world, it’s too easy for our clients to compare prices. We know it and they know it. Therefore, there’s often not much wiggle room to try to differentiate our businesses by price. (And that’s not really the best way to stand out, anyway.)

The company that does the best job of creating a memorable customer experience, making the process easier, moving things along more quickly, or really going above and beyond, is going to be the winner in this new economy.

Are we doing enough to make our clients value (and remember) their interaction with our company?

If not, what are we waiting for?

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