Benefit of the Doubt

We all want to market our brand. To get it out there. To make ourselves known to our potential customers.

But what is marketing, anyway?

Is it simply shouting from the rooftops, or it there more to it?

Seth Godin, in a recent blog post, succinctly defined what marketing is:

Marketing involves making a promise and keeping it. Marketers understand that your logo isn’t a brand, it’s simply a flag. The brand is the experience that people expect to have when they engage with you. It’s your benefit of the doubt.

If you’re that kind of marketer, you quickly come to learn that the single most important part of your job is being sure that you make great products and services. Because sooner or later, the experience is the brand. Sooner or later, the story you tell needs to be true.

Everything we do, every day of our lives, is marketing.

Do it well, and we gain that all-important benefit of the doubt.

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