A Reason to Begin

Too many times in our life we find ourselves stuck, wanting to go through with something (a project, an exercise, a new business plan) without having all the specifics worked out. We know where we want to go, but we’re not entirely sure how to get there.

Sometimes we do need to know every detail before we jump off. It’s a bad idea to start driving across country without making sure our car has air in the tires, fuel in the tank, oil in the engine, and water in the radiator.

But other times we can make due with limited information, filling in the gaps as we go along. We don’t need to have all our meals planned out for our cross country journey. We’re smart enough to know when to stop and get some food along the way.

The fact that we don’t have every detail mapped out provides us with a convenient excuse for our inaction. We reason that we need to dot all our I’s and cross all our T’s before we can begin, when all we’re really doing is trying to find a way to procrastinate.

And we procrastinate because we’re scared. Scared of trying something new. Scared of looking like a fool. Scared of going out on a limb. Scared of failure.

People are always going to heckle those that attempt something different. They’re always going to ridicule someone who tries something new. They’re always going to make fun of someone brave enough to put themselves out there.

But if we didn’t have people brave enough to step out on that ledge, we’d never have inventions, we’d never have discoveries, we’d never have anything new.

We need to stop listening to the fools who want to keep us down at their level. We need to stop hiding behind the fact that we’re not 100% ready.

There will always be an excuse to not start. Those are easy to find; they’re all around us.

Instead, we need to find a reason to begin.

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