Trust Through Association

If we’re working in a service based business, we’re in a unique position. We’re not offering a product that our clients can touch, see, or feel. We’re offering an asset that, though not a physical product, our clients want and need to maneuver through a seemingly difficult step in the process of their lives.

Not surprisingly, trust is one of the most important pieces of this puzzle.

But how do we get our potential customers to trust us, when there’s no physical product that we can show them that fully represents the service we’re going to provide?

We can tell them about our company, the things we’ve done, the quality we offer, and the knowledge we possess, but when it all comes down to it, we’re still selling a service: a product that’s not really there.

And that requires a lot of trust.

What if there was another way? What if there was someone else who our potential customer already trusts that could vouch for us? What if someone who already trusts us could tell our future client that we’re the one they should go with, because they trust us?

Trust through association, almost.

Luckily, in most service-based businesses, there is. Most of our clients are coming to us from a referral source: someone else telling the customer that we’re the one they should use.

So really, the person who’s referring us is the main one that needs to trust us.

If we’re able to spend our time growing that all important trust with the person that’s going to bring us our customers, we won’t have to spend so much energy on getting them (the customer) to understand that we’re trustworthy.

They’ll already trust the word of the person referring us.

Trust me on this one.

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