Answering Questions

Our customers have many choices, so it’s not always a given that they’re going to pick us. The more we know about their mindset (and the more we act on that knowledge) the better our chances.

For home inspectors, our clients are often woefully uninformed. They’ve likely got more questions than that flip house has code violations! Knowing what they don’t know, and working to help answer their questions, can be the difference between running a successful business and going back to that crappy job we just left to become an inspector.

Do we really know what our clients are thinking?

What the hell is a home inspection?

Why do I need one?

What is this inspector gonna do for me?

What’s gonna happen?

When’s it going to happen?

What do I have to do?

When do I have to do it?

Do I have to be there?

What do they expect me to do?

Am I supposed to follow them around?

Am I expected to help them?

Am I supposed to ask questions?

Am I gonna look stupid if I don’t have any questions?

What if they find something wrong?

Are they gonna fix it?

Do I have to fix it?

What if it cost too much to fix it?

Do I still have to buy the house?

Why is this so stressful?

How much is this gonna cost me?

Why isn’t the seller paying for this inspection?

Why does this cost so much (or) cost so little?

Knowing the questions ahead of time makes our lives easier.

Answering our clients’ questions ahead of time? Now that’s priceless.

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