Getting Ahead of Ourselves

Thinking back on when we started our new venture, things were likely different than they are now. We were new. We were hungry. We tried everything we could think of, every trick and technique we could get our hands on, try to get things moving in the right direction.

But once we achieved some level of success, things changed. We backed off a bit. We got comfortable. We became a bit complacent. We stopped trying to innovate so much and started to hunker down, trying to protect what we worked so intensely to achieve.

We abandoned creative mode and shifted to defense, working hard to protect our little kingdom.

What would’ve happened if we had never made that shift; if we had never have moved on from innovation; if we had never have become stagnant in our thinking and set in our ways?

Imagine how far ahead of ourselves we’d be.

To attack makes men brave; to defend makes them timorous.

Steven Pressfield

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