An Added Bonus

We’ve all seen sci-fi movies where things explode in space. In reality, if a traveling spaceship exploded, there would be no sound, as there is no air in space to carry the sound waves. So, it would be a silent explosion.

But, in the movies, there’s always a noisy explosion. We’ve come to expect it. Even though it’s not technically accurate, and it’s not necessary, having that noise in the movie soundtrack adds to the user experience; it’s an added bonus.

What if we stopped for a moment and related this idea to our job. There are certainly numerous places where our client interaction could use a little “added bonus.” Even though it’s not necessary (and many of us argue that we shouldn’t have to do it), what would it hurt to add in a little bit extra to enhance our customers’ level of “user experience”?

Maybe then we’d be getting that high-level Rotten Tomatoes review that we’ve always wanted…

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