3D Home Inspection Software

When we started our home inspection business, we needed a software solution that was easy to use and not so expensive that it broke the bank. We tried a lot of cheap software programs until we found what we were looking for: 3d Inspection Systems.

3d Inspection software is a good choice for someone that's just starting out with their home inspection business. It's a one-time purchase, which means that you pay once for the software and it's yours to use a long as you like. (Be aware that 3d does occasionally update their software, like any other good software company does, and there may possibly be a fee to update to a newer version.)

Your software purchase comes with the computer based software program and use of the 3d Inspection phone app. It includes up to 500 home inspections a year. If your business is so successful that you're able to surpass that number, additional blocks of inspections are available to purchase.

We started using 3d Inspection software for our company home inspections in 2002. Its system is intuitive and easy to modify. It comes ready to go, right out of the package, or you can modify it to personalize your inspection reports to express your business concentration. The School Edition ($599) has everything that a new home inspector needs to start a professional business. The Standard Edition ($1199) includes all of the features of the School Edition, but also adds in standard office management options. The Premier Version ($1399) has all of the features of the School and Standard Edition, and also offers a searchable database, ability to handle multiple-inspectors and integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks Pro software. You can start out at the School Edition level and later, as your business grows, upgrade to the Standard or Premier Version by simply paying the difference in the cost of the versions. There are free versions available for trial and every purchase comes with 3d Inspection’s 60 day refund promise.

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